The first Kennel Club registered Komondor in the U.K. was imported from Hungary by Mrs. Pat Lanz late in 1972 or early in 1973, Ohegyi Abrand Duna of Borgvaale (Duna), a female who was closely followed by two more, this time imported from the U.S.A., Hercgvaros Csupor of Borgvaale (Csupor) and his litter sister Hercegvaros Cica of Borgvaale and Loakespark (Kitten) who went to Mrs Ann Arch.

In 1976 the first litter from Duna and Csupor were born with three puppies surviving, One went back to the U.S.A. Borgvaale Ice Queen Alice went to Ireland but later returned to England and Borgvaale Ice King Aladar went to Trevor and Noreen Simmons who at the time were well known in Dobermanns and Rottweilers. Around the same time the Simmons' imported a bitch, Beta Vom Glucklichen Haus of Javictreva (Nova) from Belgium. August 1977 saw the first litter from this pair with a resulting eight puppies of which Kim Sear (the present Breed Club Secretary) got one of the two bitches (Dama). The mating was repeated the following year with another seven puppies, one of which was Javictreva Carousel of Chelville who later produced Chelville Boszi of Searwell (Polly) who is either dam or grand dam to most of the current Searwell dogs.

Many thanks to Mr Kim Sear for the 'history lesson'

At present there are up to 100 dogs in the UK, the breed having never become very popular - possibly because of the demands of caring for the coat, or because of the guarding temperament of some of the dogs.

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