The Breed Standard for the Komondor describes it as 'faithful and devoted', and this is indeed what the dogs are. They are intensely loyal, and will want to be near to those that they love at all times, enjoying attention and adoring close physical contact. A Komondor without his pack can be a very miserable dog! With this great devotion comes the instinct to guard and protect all that he regards as 'his', including the territory around his home.

Bred to take care of their flocks with very little intervention from humans, they tend to think for themselves and may not see a good reason for obeying orders - many Komondor owners will be familiar with the dog that will not return or is inconsistent in its recall, it has to finish whatever it is doing!

Great care must be taken to socialise the dogs from early puppyhood, and firm, consistent control should be exercised at all times - a Komondor that is not under control would be a great liability. This does not mean that the dog should be corrected harshly, it is uneccessary and could lead to resentment. They are an intelligent breed, and will quickly learn what is required of them, and although they can be wilful in general they want to please their owners.